Wellness Home Specialists
 help you create a greenhouse-like environment in your home

Your home is like a greenhouse. It creates the optimal environment 
for people to grow. Imagine that kind of home for you and your family.

Bring Balance To Your Life

You want balance in your life. But somehow, it eludes you. Your day-to-day existence seems out of control. There’s never enough time or money (or both) for what’s really important to you. You want to spend more time with the people you love, doing the things you love to do, taking better care of yourself. But you can’t.

If you’re like most people today, your work probably prevents you from enjoying a balanced life. Perhaps your job pays so little that you can’t make ends meet. Perhaps it’s so demanding that there simply isn’t enough time and energy left over for family and friends, rest and relaxation, fitness and good nutrition. Perhaps you face both these dilemmas.

Nikken has the solution: a generous ”no limits” business opportunity that lets you work when you want, as much as you want, and tap into the wealth-creating power of network marketing by becoming an Independent Wellness Home Specialist.

The Ideal Business

When you sign up to become a Wellness Home Specialist, you become an entrepreneur, the owner of your own business. Here are a few of the many benefits your new business will provide:

• Unlimited income potential

• No large initial cost

• Proven, high-quality products

• Comprehensive corporate support

• The benefits of being your own boss

• Flexibility – work the hours you choose

• No paperwork hassles

• No crushing overhead expenses

• A ‘portable’ business you can take with you

• No inventory requirements

With your effort and enthusiasm, your Nikken business can provide you with the income and flexibility you need to achieve balance in your life. With its generous compensation plan, Nikken has changed lives throughout the world. It can change yours!

At Nikken, our Wellness Home Specialists have the opportunity to work with a stable, debt-free company with 30 years of proven success and billions of dollars in revenue. Today Nikken is present in 38 countries and has posted billions of dollars in revenue. Nikken aims for an expansion to 100 countries, creation of 10,000 healthy millionaires and establishment of 1 million Wellness Homes.

It is a golden opportunity for you to join the Nikken team now and hold a strategic position amidst the rapid global expansion.

Great Enterprises are Built on Great Principles

The Power and Ethics of Network Marketing

Your Nikken business is built upon the foundation of network marketing, which has been called the most ethical distribution system in the world.

A True “Equal Opportunity” Business 

In network marketing, all consultants (or distributors) have an equal opportunity to become leaders and to achieve exceptional success. Unlike traditional businesses, they do this simply by sharing products with others and helping them do the same - not by going into debt to get started, waiting years for a raise, or climbing up the corporate ladder by stepping on others.

Cooperation - Not Competition 

Nikken chose the network marketing form of distribution because it aligns with our philosophy of giving everyone an equal opportunity to succeed through cooperation rather than competition. You'll receive support and mentoring not only from the company, but also from enthusiastic, experienced "upline" team leaders. At Nikken, success breeds success!


Enjoyable and Satisfying

Because network marketing involves people helping people, it’s fun and personally fulfilling! You’ll have the opportunity to work with people who, like you, want to enjoy life by making the dream of balanced, healthy living a reality. 

This unprecedented opportunity is for visionary professionals is available in twenty different countries throughout North, Central, and South America, Europe, and Asia.

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