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Few things can make you feel better than a good night's sleep. And few things have as powerful an influence on our lives and health. Sleep restores and recharges us, keeps us healthy, and can even affect medical conditions such as diabetes and weight gain.

How well do you sleep? 

Take this test.

  • Do you sometimes have trouble falling asleep?
  • During the night, do you toss and turn?
  • In the morning, are you tired instead of refreshed and ready to go?
  • In the afternoon, do you feel tired, sleepy, or have low energy?
  • Do you feel sometimes that your sleep was not enough to help you meet the demands of the day?
  • Do you ever take medication to help you sleep?
  • Do you ever take medication or caffeine to help you stay awake?
  • Do you sometimes wish your mattress were less soft or less firm?
  • Is the firmness you chose a compromise between you and your sleep partner?
  • Do you ever feel hot or cold while you are trying to sleep?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re ready to sleep better.


With the Kenko™ Sleep System

Fortunately, Nikken has developed advanced sleep technology that helps you stay healthy and get the rest you need.

The Kenko™ Sleep System is scientifically designed for better sleep. Innovations including Nikken RAM™ (radial-axis magnetism) Technology, a massage-effect surface, natural temperature regulation and more, provide you with an extraordinary sleep experience.

Kenko™ Adaptive Sleep Technology

What is Adaptive Sleep Technology?

Found only in the Nikken Kenko Sleep System, Adaptive Sleep Technology is a combination of features that work together to help you sleep better, get more rest, and assist the processes of physical and mental recharging that form the basis of sleep.  

This technology addresses the factors that are crucial in assisting you to get the sleep you need. It adjusts your environment to meet the conditions required for quality sleep. These include:

Proper Support

Incorrect spinal alignment or localized pressure points can cause more than discomfort. This may lead to tossing and turning or even interrupt the sleep cycle.

Temperature Regulation 

Variations in temperature may also interrupt the sleep cycle, particularly in those stages where the body's own temperature regulating mechanism is temporarily suspended.

A Relaxing, Calming Atmosphere

Ambient conditions and massage effects are known to be beneficial in promoting better rest and helping the onset of sleep.

A More Natural Sleep Environment

Both the individual technologies and the materials used in Kenko Sleep Systems are intended to bring your sleep area as close as possible to nature, more in accord with the conditions normal to the human body.

Nikken Adaptive Sleep Technology includes features that support each of these needs, and more.

No other sleep system offers this kind of innovation - multiple systems designed to optimize your sleep surroundings.

Found only in the Nikken Kenko™ Sleep System, Kenko Adaptive Sleep Technology is a combination of features that work together to enable better sleep, provide more rest and assist the processes of physical and mental recharging that form the basis of sleep. Kenko Sleep Technology includes magnetic energy, a massaging surface, far-infrared fibers and more to address factors such as support and temperature regulation that are crucial to enjoying sleep that is healthy and restorative.


The Kenko Sleep System is scientifically designed to increase relaxation and support a variety of physical and mental functions for restful and restorative sleep.

The Sleep System combines a Nikken Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper with a Kenko™ Comforter and Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow. Each component contains advanced technology designed to improve sleep quality.


The Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper features a design that has no springs. Its construction shapes itself to body contours. This prevents the formation of pressure points that can interrupt sleep or prevent the sleeper from attaining optimal rest. The latex foundation is firm yet comfortable, and resists sagging.This support system is designed to accommodate all body types.

Magnetic Components

RAM™ (radial-axis magnetism) or SpyderRAM™ Technology in the Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper and SpyderRAM in the Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow feature spherical magnets which produce a series of overlapping magnetic fields. This magnetic technology produces a cocoon of magnetism that envelops the sleeper.

Massage Surface

A massage layer is directly beneath the Mattress Topper cover. This layer is a surface of nodules that impart a passive massage effect. It uses the sleeper’s own motion to create a gentle stimulation and help to ease tension.

Built-in Ventilation

Air-flow ventilation within the various components promotes the free flow of air without creating drafts. Latex foam and fabric breathability insulate but do not trap air in hot spots.

Far-Infrared Technology

Nikken Far-Infrared Technology absorbs energy from a variety of sources — sunlight, body or room temperature — and releases it as energy in the far-infrared part of the spectrum. Energy-reactive fibers constantly receive intake energy and reflect it as gentle warmth. In warmer weather, these fibers reach a limit in the amount of energy absorbed, and the excess heat will pass through the material and escape.

Ionic Comfort Technology

Ionic Comfort Technology is the name of a subsystem within Sleep System components that generates negative ions. These odorless, invisible, charged particles, identical to those found in the air in forests and near waterfalls, are emitted by fibers in the comforter and pillow and assist in imparting a sense of relaxation.

Mattress Topper


Power Sleep Mask

Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillowcase


Balanced Full-Spectrum Light

Some evidence suggests that the application of balanced full-spectrum light can promote a healthy, normal sleep/wake cycle. Research supports the hypothesis that exposure to this light in the early evening can help older adults sleep better at night. Other studies indicate that full-spectrum illumination may help in improving sleep and learning ability in adolescents.


Scientists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Lighting Research Center report that teenagers deprived of morning full spectrum light are getting less sleep and possibly scoring below their ability levels on standardized exams. These researchers recommend the application of blue light — wavelengths that are largely absent in conventional lighting, but provided by the KenkoLight II — as a solution.

The Nikken® KenkoLightTM II supports the sleep cycle and cognitive ability. KenkoLight II can be effective in helping the body maintain the natural circadian rhythms — the day and night cycle of sleeping and waking. As it replicates normal daylight, the KenkoLight II can help you to wake up on dark mornings. And when a full-spectrum light is turned off, the onset of darkness that signals the end of daytime may help you to fall asleep more readily.

Recent findings reinforce the inference that exposure to blue light in the early evening can consolidate sleep and increase the sleep efficiency in older adults.


Morning-light-deprived teenagers are going to bed later, getting less sleep and possibly under-performing on standardized tests. The situation can be changed rapidly by the conscious delivery of daylight, which is saturated with short-wavelength, or blue, light.  

M. G. Figueiro, Ph.D., program director, 

Lighting Research Center,

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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