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Your home is like a greenhouse. It creates the optimal environment 
for people to grow. Imagine that kind of home for you and your family.


Today, men and women spend the majority of their time in a sitting position, on the job and at home. This can result in stiffness and decreased mobility, exposure to chemicals in artificial seat cushion materials, as well as poor circulation, not to mention obesity.

The KenkoSeat II has patent-pending SpyderRAM technology. SpyderRAM employs several nodes, each containing a series of spherical magnets. These spheroids are set in a progressive axial rotation, to create overlapped or staggered magnetic fields for maximum coverage. The magnet receptacles incorporate internal projections that fit into corresponding cavities in the magnetic spheres, locking them into place at precise angles.

The SpyderRAM nodes are constructed of flexible silicone, to allow each arm of the web-like matrix a degree of independent mobility. Flexion of the silicone results in the SpyderRAM system conforming to any surface it contacts. Human beings lived within the Earth’s magnetic field for thousands of years, until modern civilization removed its influence. Nikken SpyderRAM Technology helps to create an environment more similar to our original, natural surroundings.

The nylon cover has a smooth surface and is ventilated for breathability, for temperature regulation and comfort in any climate.

The dual security straps are designed to attach the KenkoSeat II in seconds. It is portable and can be removed and transferred easily, to travel wherever you go.

Kenko Seat Construction

The KenkoSeat

KenkoSeat II features Nikken SpyderRAM™ Technology and a natural latex foundation so that users can enjoy the benefits of the Kenko Sleep System even while awake. The gentle messaging effect combined with the beneficial effects of  the balanced magnetic field contribute to better circulation.

The KenkoSeat II features a pure, 100% natural latex core. Latex is inherently antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and resistant to dust mites. Its open-cell structure provides a natural venting system that resists heat and moisture buildup. Latex is also highly resilient, which provides both firm support and flexibility. It resists sagging and remains supportive for many years. As a natural substance, latex does not contain the chemicals present in polyurethane foam or other artificial seat materials. It is a completely renewable resource.

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