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Essential Travel Accessories


KenkoSeat Cover

Item Code: 3041     Price: 101 GBP

  • Exclusive SpyderRAM™ Magnetic Technology
  • Incorporates TriPhase® technology
  • High density massage nodules for superior support and comfort

Ideal for the office or at home, the KenkoSeat® King II is an instant way for you to benefit from our Magnetic Technologies. Following similar design principles to the Naturest® Kenkopad®, the KenkoSeat® has been covered using a soft, durable, and breathable polyester, and features naturally anti-bacterial latex.


Power Sleep Mask 

Item Code: 3015     Price: 31 GBP

  • Shaped-to-fit soft, breathable fabric makes it comfortable to wear for hours
  • Small, compact, lightweight and portable, it comes with its own travel pouch
  • DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology increases your natural energy field
  • Far-Infrared Technology for gentle warming and temperature regulation
  • Negative Ion Technology for more calming, natural sleep                             

piMag Water Bottle 

Item Code: 11375     Price: 40 GBP

  • Economical, environmental alternative to bottled water
  • Advanced filtration for healthier, better-tasting water
  • PiMag® technology adjusts pH to create alkaline water
  • Safe, reusable, recyclable, biodegradable bottle
  • Replaceable filter - good for approximately 250 refills

Whether you are playing sports on the field, watching in the stands, travelling to work, or flying around the world, now you can create delicious PiMag® water wherever you go and from any safe water tap that you pass.
Buy all three and save 23.50 GBP!

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