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Kenko ThermoGloves

Exclusively made with Nikken's advanced technologies for soothing warmth, and copper threading for antibacterial properties, Kenko ThermoGloves help ease muscular and joint discomfort of the hands, wrists and knuckles. These exceptionally comfortable gloves provide mild compression to help decrease swelling while the open fingertips allow for ease in gripping and feeling. 

• Effective, non-invasive relief of muscular and joint discomfort in hands, wrists, fingers and knuckles
• Provides compression to help control or decrease swelling of the joints
Nikken's advanced technologies help increase blood and oxygen flow through the hands and provides a soothing warmth
• Exclusive combination of Nikken's advanced technologies with copper threads for its antibacterial properties

• Cotton material allows skin to breathe and helps keep hands dry
• Skin feels noticeably softer after wear

SIZES: Choose size depending on amount of compression desired.
17096 Small 7.5 cm (2.9") width x 20 cm (7.8") length
17097 Medium 8 cm (3.2") width x 21 cm( 8.25") length
17098 Large 8.5 cm(3.4") width x 22 cm (8.6") length
17099 X-Large 9 cm (3.6") width x 23 cm (9.1") length

Materials: 53% cotton, 35% polyester, 7% spandex, 5% copper fabric
Directions: Wear as ordinary gloves, above second knuckle. Light compression is desirable. Hand wash in cold water. Do not iron or bleach. Air dry or place under warm (not hot) sunlight.

Warning: Remove if tightness causes discoloration or numbness. (Try a larger size.)

KenkoTherm® Cocoon

For sleep, warmth or relaxation, the KenkoTherm Cocoon offers compact convenience. Open it up and you have a queen-size bed comforter, a travel blanket or wrap for outdoor activities. Zip it closed for a snug sleeping bag. The KenkoTherm Cocoon is a portable expression of the unparalleled Kenko sleep experience.

• Sixteen 700-gauss magnets in a spaced configuration, designed to replicate the magnetic field in our natural environment. When used as a sleeping bag, it completely envelops the sleeper.
Nikken's advanced technologies absorb natural energy from any source (bodyheat, sunlight, room temperature). The result is cozy, mild warmth for all seasons.
• Self-regulating temperature control releases excess heat to prevent buildup.
Nikken's advanced technologies produce charged oxygen ions like those found in the air near waterfalls and in forests. These ions help you feel revived, recharged and ready to go.
• New heavy duty industrial strength zipper.
• New durable elastic strap to keep bag rolled up or to carry.

Cover 100% nylon, Lining 100% polyester microfiber, Filler 100% tourmaline-infused polyester fiber, 16 Ferrous magnets, 700 gauss each
Bed size:Queen (U.S.)
Open 66 x 80 in/168 x 203 cm
Closed 33 x 80 in/84 x 203 cm
Zipper 117 in/297 cm

Low temperature 45 degrees F/ 7 degrees C

Unzip to use as comforter or wrap, zip together as a sleeping bag.

Machine wash cold water, no bleach, gentle cycle. Tumble dry, low heat.

90-day limited warranty

If you use an electronic medical device such as a pacemaker, have a magnetically sensitive surgical implant, are in the first trimester of pregnancy or have health problems, consult a physician before using magnetic products.

YKK is a registered trademark of YKK U.S.A. Inc.

Today, men and women spend the majority of their time in a sitting position, on the job, travelling, and at home. KenkoSeat® II features a natural latex foundation so that users can enjoy the benefits of the Kenko Sleep System even while awake.

The KenkoSeat®II has patented SpyderRam® Technology that creates a series of overlapping magnetic fields. Magnets are held in a silicone matrix that can flex and reshape itself to conform to any surface it contacts. KenkoSeat II features a pure, 100% natural latex core, with an open-cell structure that provides a natural venting system, resists heat and moisture buildup. The durable, longwearing nylon cover is ventilated for breathability and comfort in any climate, and dual security straps are designed to attach the KenkoSeat II to practically any chair in seconds.

Transform your night’s rest or any time into an extended power nap, with the Kenko PowerSleep Mask. It includes patent-pending DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology, that produces an area of magnetic flux extending farther and penetrating more deeply. DynaFlux is the only design that can increase the magnetic depth of field without an increase in gauss strength.

Combined Nikken Advanced Technologies
  • absorb energy from multiple sources and reflect it as a gentle soothing effect
  • produce the same ions that are present in forests and near waterfalls, for a relaxing and refreshing feeling. 

The PowerSleep Mask has a comfortable, washable surface and is provided with its own carrying pouch.

The PiMag® Sport Bottle features a unique, patent-pending microfilter that meets or exceeds internationally recognized filtration standards. Proprietary Nikken PiMag® Water Technology combines a magnetic field that helps to reduce sediment agglomeration with features that add natural minerals and adjust pH value.

The Sport Bottle is environmentally responsible in many ways: the biodegradable bottle shell (containing no BPA or other potentially harmful compounds) eventually breaks down into natural soil nutrients. Filter components are replaceable, to extend the life of the bottle. The PiMag® Sport Bottle is the clean, economical, and intelligent alternative to commercially bottled water.
Capacity: 21 ounces/812 ml



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