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Your body needs water every day.


Do your drinking water 
and shower water contain 
toxic chemicals?

Water is vital to supporting every bodily function: digestion and nutrient absorption, proper circulation, removal of toxins and more. Ensuring an adequate supply of good water is thus essential.

The problem is that drinking water usually contains chlorine and other dangerous chemicals from industrial waste. Chlorine is a dangerous chemical that is added to municipal water supplies. Independent testing, including that performed by public agencies including the United States government, has shown that source water for municipal supplies may present significant amounts of pollutants. The chlorine or ozone added to combat these dangers are themselves toxic. Reducing the amount of both the contaminants and the chlorine can result in water that poses fewer risks and offers the potential for better health. There are scientific studies that associate chlorine with cancer, birth defects, heart disease, allergies and asthma.  The body is 75% water. If the water that's consumed and absorbed through the skin is polluted, then we are polluting 75% of our body and laying the foundation for disease.

What is the Solution?

PiMag® Water!
What is PiMag® Water?

Pi water was originally discovered by Japanese scientists in the 1970s. Observation had suggested that the water from an isolated hillside stream had a remarkable effect on the plant life in the area.

The scientists examined the environment and found that it contained an unusual collection of topographical features. The surrounding hills contained magnetite and calcium. The watercourse flowed over silicates, the material that forms natural crystal. The water from it was found to have an atypical combination of minerals, and was naturally alkaline. This alkalinity helps to balance the acidic diet and stress-induced acidity that is commonly experienced in modern life.


Why PiMag® Water?

PiMag® water is good for you.  PiMag® water is an exceptional source of what your body needs. It can help restore the balance of fluids that plants, animals — and human beings — are composed of internally. PiMag® water is also less acidic than some tap water.  

The slightly alkaline water produced by the PiMag®  water treatment systems may help offset the acidic nature of a typical modern diet and other environmental conditions. It decreases oxidation reduction potential — a high ORP contributes to oxidative decomposition. The ionizing effect can help slow down cellular destruction. 

You need water every day. With PiMag® water, you’re not only replacing fluids that are necessary for health, but you’re also enjoying the most delicious water you can drink.
PiMag® Water Technology also possesses advantages over commercially bottled water. An immediately obvious one is cost: the purchase and operation of a PiMag® filter, which filters tap water, is an order of magnitude less expensive than the ongoing cost of bottled water — which itself is often nothing more than treated tap water.

The non-degradable plastic water bottles may pose a health risk in more ways than their harm to the environment. Certain chemicals in the plastic containers are known to leach into the water these containers hold, especially if the bottles are stored in heat or on shelves for any appreciable length of time. On consuming this water, these chemicals may be absorbed and retained in body tissue. Owning and using a PiMag® water filter avoids the potential for harm inherent in the regular consumption of bottled water.

Cleaner and Greener

The environmental cost of bottled water is equally formidable. A mountain of discarded, non-biodegradable containers is a potential ecological disaster.  PiMag® Water Technology is environmentally responsible in several ways. It reduces the number of discarded, disposable water bottles that become trash in landfills.

This also decreases consumption of fossil fuels used in manufacturing those bottles. Where possible PiMag®  product modules are made of recyclable and biodegradable materials, including a polymer that does not leach chemicals into water as some plastics will.  

Advanced Technologies

The PiMag® water treatment system features several stages of filtration. Water entering the system first passes through a pre-filter that reduces particulates.  The next step is performed by activated carbon. Within a confined volume, charcoal carbon provides a vast amount of surface area for adsorption: if the surfaces within one gram of carbon were spread out, they would cover a football field. An ion exchange resin, redox (reduction/oxidation) media and other materials are incorporated in PiMag filter technology. The water flows between spheres of pi ceramic during that process. This is an astounding level of filtration efficiency for a gravity-type system — comparable to that in complex and expensive technologies.


The PiMag® Waterfall™ Gravity Water System

  • Natural, gravity-fed filtration – no need for electricity
  • Minerals that help to adjust pH to create alkaline water
  • Certified filtration to reduce contaminants
  • Filter life LED indicator
  • Fits perfectly onto your kitchen worktop

Depending on the water supply and pipes, tap water can contain traces of many chemicals including chlorine, disinfectant by-products, sediments, heavy metals, and pesticides; but we have developed water systems that transform your normal tap water into clean PiMag® water. It starts with a pre-filter removing larger particles from the water. After this, the water passes through activated carbon to capture microscopic particles. The next stage is mineralising and alkalising, and then a proprietary redox process which further enhances the cleaning and reduces the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). This provides water that helps to neutralise free radicals that can harm your body. The PiMag® water then flows through a bed of mineral stones and a magnetic field before reaching your glass.


PiMag® Waterfall™ Replacement Filter

  • 3 stage filter process
  • Activated carbon, alkalising materials and ion exchange resin
  • Clay balls, silver bio balls and mineral balls
  • Silica sand and KDF

A unique arrangement of advanced filtration technology.The first level includes activated carbon, alkalising materials, and ion exchange resin; the second, clay, silver bio, and mineral balls.

Finally, there’s silica sand and KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) material. In addition, the Waterfall’s gentle gravity water percolation encourages natural spiralling, while a 1,200 gauss magnet reduces sediment clumping, ensuring smoother filtration.

PiMag® Waterfall™ Replacement  Stones

  • Specially sourced mineral stones (from beneath sea-level)
  • Contains various silicate class minerals
  • Creating natural freshwater-riverbed effect


    PiMag® MicroJet™  Shower Water Treatment

    Only one shower design combines advanced redox filtration and PiMag® Technology. The PiMag MicroJet Shower System reduces chlorine without adding chemicals, through an exclusive neutralizing process. A primary filter deflects other water contaminants including dirt, sediment, and odor. New Air-Induction Technology increases filtration efficiency while it improves water flow — and the patent-pending microbubble nozzles actually enhance cleaning and moisturizing, leaving hair and skin feeling fresh and soft. Available in wall-mounted or hand models and with five selectable spray settings, the MicroJet Shower System can be installed in minutes to standard plumbing. It features pi and magnetic technologies, innovations you'll find only in Nikken PiMag® water products.

    PiMag® MicroJet™ Replacement Filter Cartridges

    To receive optimum performance with your Nikken products, replace filters and other components when necessary. Your product manual includes the recommended intervals for inspection (where applicable) and replacement. This may need to be performed less or more frequently, depending on operating conditions.


    PiMag® Sport Bottle

    Similar technology is inside the PiMag® Sport Bottle. Also with multiple filtration, pi and magnetic components, in testing the Sport Bottle is shown to afford a degree of contaminant reduction nearly equivalent to the Waterfall unit — even though this standard is not applied to products of its type. A portable PiMag water bottle with performance like that of a full-sized, home system: another Nikken first.

    The PiMag® Sport Water Bottle is preferred over commercial bottled water. It is less expensive, more practical, and a better use of natural resources.


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